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Doctor's Visit

E&S Sharo

Dr. Asghar has been my parent’s doctor for many years. She’s very patient, knowledgeable and caring with them both. She makes their visits stress-free, as she is always friendly and willing to spend the necessary time to make sure all of their concerns are addressed. I appreciate her diligence and genuine compassion and I would definitely recommend her to others.

Carmen M.

She is simply the very best. Dr. Asghar is exactly what I was looking for. She is smart, explains things where you understand them, is pleasant and very serious about her work . She entered my life at a very critical point in my medical care. My high blood pressure had reached stroke levels and my kidneys were barely functioning. As soon as she walked into my room, at the hospital, she was very warm and explained to me why I was there, what my medical situation was, etc. Rather than me having to fill her in, she had obviously read my medical records.

Brenda D.

"I had problems with my kidneys, right way she knew what the cause was. She took care of that immediately. Since I have been seeing her for over three months, my kidneys and blood pressure are more than perfect. She is very polite, very professional, takes her time, and explains everything in detail. Thank god I found her right away... Thank you Dr. Asghar, you are the greatest!

What Our Patients Say

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